tisdag, juli 05, 2011


Semestermusik i lurar och i högtalare är Tangerine Dream "Stratosfear" från 1976.

"Stratosfear is an electronic music album released in 1976 by the German group Tangerine Dream.[1] It marks the beginning of the band's evolution away from their uncompromising early 1970s synthesizer experiments toward a recognizably more melodic sound, a trend they would pick up again in 1979's Force Majeure. The title track "Stratosfear" has been played live many times and has been released in a re-mixed form on a number of other albums.

Stratosfear combines Tangerine Dream's acoustic and electronic influences more tightly than before. For instance, at the end of the last track, "Invisible Limits", the deep piano/flute tune reveals the album's romantic flavour even after the earlier predominantly synthetic compositions (tracks #1 to last part of track #4).

The LP reached No.39 in the UK, in a 4-week chart run, and eventually reached silver status for selling an excess of 60,000 copies."

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